Here is a quick guide on the general enquiries most frequently asked by our customers.
For any other enquiries, please visit the nearest Fabbrica store.

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Fabbrica does not sell direct to consumers from our factory, or over the internet. Fabbrica furniture are only available exclusively through Fabbrica stores or authorized Fabbrica retailer. To find your local nearest retail point, please check our dealer locater.

Fabbrica offers a wide range of fabrics and leathers with over 200 colours from performance to luxurious. All our coverings have been extensively tested to meet international standards. The choice is yours, based on your needs and lifestyle.

Our hides are originated from top cattle breeders in South America and Australia where there are more free-ranging cows with lesser bites and scar marks. Our leather and tanning are carried out at our state-of-the-art tannery facilities using modern technologies to process leather in an environmentally friendly manner in compliance with environmental regulations.

Each hide will have its own visible markings including stretches, tick marks and branding marks that are unique to each piece. Colour variations on Aniline leather can occur within the same hide because there is no finish applied to give the look of consistent colour like in our Protected leather. This is an indication of the authenticity of the leather and should not be considered a defect.

Leather is elastic and its shape reflects the amount of use an area gets. With regular use, leather stretch developing a relaxed and lived-in appearance. This comfort wrinkles puddle is not a defect but an inherent natural quality of the leather. The best way to handle puddling and creases is to remodel by smoothing the end of the sofa and patting to return to its original look after use.

Feather cushioning is designed to confirm to the body shape of the user. Under normal use your furniture will exhibit a lived-in appearance. Plump it regularly to maintain the shape and appearance. Refer to our Sofa Care Manual for more information.

Variances occur in furniture pieces as every piece is handmade, so no two pieces are ever the same. There will be some marginal difference in the measurements provided and the allowance is usually around +/- 5cm.

While many sofas may appear to look similar, its what goes behind the scenes that truly creates a different in our comfort and design. Fabbrica furniture are hand-crafted in our fully owned production facilities and uses higher quality materials, this means we control every step of the manufacturing process ensuring the highest standards.

With a credible brand that is synonymous with high quality products that are processed and delivered with minimal fuss and accuracy through the ISS (Integrated Supply System) ensuring minimal defects and claims, Fabbrica potentially offers our Partners an all under one roof product offering to and easy-buy, easy-sell experience promising business successes through highly satisfied customers and users of our products worldwide.

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