Since 1998

Armin Eberlein was the founder of Fabbrica, founded in 1998 in Munich, Germany. 

The Fabbrica brand started as a collection by Domicil which he believes home is not just about furniture, it is a celebration of everyday life. A place where memories are made and to be made for all people from all walks of life and crafted to offer essential comfort and years of satisfaction 
– a promise we remain committed to.

Central to the Fabbrica brand identity is the expression of inspiring dream homes, which is inherent in every creations. Inspired by the shifting of seasons and colours of the world that surrounds our life, every detail is a promise of beauty, functionality and dependability that contributes to your relaxation experience – a hallmark of our brand and a true reflection of our German heritage.

At Fabbrica, we work alongside with some of the most talented designers in Europe and further afield who share our dreams to make a difference. And over the years the company has constantly and consistently renewing itself to satisfy the needs of modern lifestyles and ever-changing contemporary tastes while preserving the minimalism, understatement and elegance design philosophy of the brand. 

Today, Fabbrica has turned into a global furniture brand under the HTL Group. With 45 years in seating comfort and a pioneers in starting their own leather tannery, creating a vertically integrated supply chain, making us one of the world’s largest sofa manufacturers and leather tanners.

Working towards a more sustainable future.

We are committed to doing our part to protect our natural resources –  we use wood sourced from sustainable sources with controlled harvesting to limit deforestation. And our leather tanning is carried out at our state-of-the-art tannery, using modern technologies to process it in an environmentally friendly manner in compliance with environmental regulations. For us, it’s an ongoing mission. Our commitment will continue as we work towards new ways to improve everything we touch; from the products we design to the materials we use and delivering them to your home.

‘It is the richness of life that lies in the memories that last.’

Armin Eberlien, Founder